About Us

AngelVest was founded in 2006 with the mission to help its members invest in compelling businesses in Asia and global special situations opportunities (e.g., cross-border). Today, it is the leading angel investment organization in East Asia, and among the largest Angel and cross-border investment in the region.

The value-add investment approach allows AngelVest to seek globally compelling assets and generate superior returns from investment opportunities. By introducing blockchain technology to angel investing AngelVest seeks to address many of the issues that exist in traditional angel investing.


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AngelVest Background


Building a network of trusted institutions and individuals that positively contribute to society throught their interaction. A virtuous circle that enhances business opportunities and economic progress within the ecosystem.


AngelVest belives that all people within the investment industry should be able to make a choice, providing a powerful instrument to remove the disparity of opportunity access existing in the current market environment


AngelVest platform propose an innovative structure through which would be possible to create a market place that will reduce cost of funding and cost of fund management

The Angelvest Economy

The AVT Token will have an intrinsic value tied to the Angelvest.io platform and its community

Transactions will take place among AVT Token holders in exchange for products and services offered in the AngelVest.io ecosystem

Angelvest.io will reward new ventures and engage advisors with the AVT Token to expand the AngelVest community

Our Team

David Chen
CEO and Co-Founder
Dr. Joseph Wang
Chief Blockchain Strategist
Ben Sun
US Operations
Marco Stagliano
Head of Operations


Miranda Tan
PR & Marketing Advisor
Hassan Miah
Blockchain Strategy Advisor
Dmitri Laush
Blockchain Fund Advisor
Gino Yu
Consciousness Advisor
Dmitry Matskevich
AI and Data Analytics Advisor


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Our Portfolio Companies

Creates amazingly expressive and lifelike robots that build trusted and engaging relationships with people through conversation

A Switzerland-based, security technology company adressing the global problem of counterfeiting and illicitly traded products

A foreign exchange pilot fund with the goal of achieving a short-term gain (3 months) with impressive IRRs. HK Robo has developed a FX algorithm trading currencies using 20 strategies

A vertically integrated online wardrobe essentials brand focused on selling clothing made from the finest fabrics at low and honest prices.

The largest gay hotelier in the world with 60,000 hosts in over 135 countries

A Massachusetts-based biotechnology company focused on therapeutics, diagnostics, and drug research

Independent developer of multiplayer games targeted at large enthusiastic communities

Delivers business solutions for B2B marketers with a focus on marketing automation

Largest Taiwan-founded independent media for Chinese readers

A Canadian investment company actively managing a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrency assets

Creating the world’s largest repository of 3D human models using 3D scanning and 3D modelling technology

Take your sport training to the next level with KuaiFit voice guided personal training courses and sport plans

Delivering artificial intelligence applications for customer service, sales, and recommendations for any industry, with a heritage in travel

A designer driven free material sharing app for iOS